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All the best herbal incense in stock NOW at FHI!

best herbal incense in stock now at FHIHey everybody! Marley here for Fine Herbal Incense!

Just wanted to get a little ooey gooey with you guys, and then get a little real. Or is it the other way around? Man, I don’t know. But what I do know is that we care about making this site the best herbal incense site for you guys, and we listen to you when you speak to us! So here is the incense review post of business from FHI:

We know it can be tough sometimes to find the things that you want on our website. That can be troublesome sometimes, but we can’t help that you guys love us so much that all our stock keeps selling out like crazy! Haha but I wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that we are working on refilling the shelves, and in the meantime, I put together this list of everything that is currently in stock as of today. I hope this makes it a little bit more of a relaxing experience for you all, and maybe it’ll make spicing up your valentines day a little bit easier too!

Oh yeah, it’s going to get romantical up in here at Fine Herbal Incense on V-Day.

While you’re at it, why not head over to our Facebook page and show us just how much you like us this holiday! There is a new discount code available for february, but you have to be a fan to see it!

Ok without further yada yada, here is a list of what is in stock as of this morning at Fine Herbal Incense.

99 jar mix madness

alice in wonderland 3.5g

best herbal incense 25 pack mix

best herbal incense special 5 random 3g bags

bizarro 3.5g

caution incense special

crazy monkey 5g

diablo 3g

diablo incense special

iblown 4g

king kong 3g

king tut 5g

orgazmo-incense 1.5g and 3.5

platinum caution-incense 3g

wild incense 3g


There we did it! I hope that makes life a little sweeter for all of you today. And don’t forget to get your discount code over on our Facebook page!

One last thing: Thanks again for trusting us so much as your best herbal incense suppliers! We received a message this morning from another customer who didn’t have such a great experience with one of our competitors, legalherbalbud…well, ouch! Just goes to show you guys have to be careful who you give your money too! And we’re happy to be the ones who you come to when things go wrong elsewhere, because we love being the ones to take care of you!

Have an awesome rest of your weekend FHI Fans!


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