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Best Herbal Incense Site 2015


We are super excited to announce that we are the Number One Trusted Best Herbal Incense Site for 2015!

Last year we were proud to be the focus of so much attention and customer loyalty, and with this new award we hope to continue on with our excellent service record and potent incense sales!


FHI is the number one trusted website in our industry!

The best herbal incense you can buy online, and the most trusted website in our industry!

There have been a lot of ups and downs over the last few years for this industry. Today I wanted to share with all of my lovely FHI fanatics some of my favorite moments and customer stories for the past year.

First of all I’ve love, love, loved hosting the contests for FHI’s fans on Facebook!

If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, I highly recommend doing so! This way you can be among the first to be notified of any new cheap herbal incense discount codes, exclusive giveaways of the best herbal incense we give out as prizes, and other herbal incense news from FHI.

Secondly I wanted to share a little bit of information with all of you about some of the players who operate under the darker side of this industry. Lately I’ve seen a few new websites popping up offering cheap herbal incense for sale, making promises, writing up some bad info on their sites, and essentially raising some huge red flags. We aren’t taking notice just because these sites are competition for Fine Herbal Incense, but because these other websites are unorganized, spammy, and even have sloppy misinformation posted on their various home pages. Total scams, you know?

Watch out for other herbal incense sites that are scams!

I don’t want to name names for a few different reasons, but I will strongly advise customers to take care with their financial information! FHI has gotten more than a few messages from customers who have been ripped off from other incense websites that claim to have the best herbal incense, and I do not want that to happen to anyone else (because it sucks, no matter who you are or what you do). Going to take a moment to say to old fans and potential new customers that you can always trust Fine Herbal Incense to never sell or share your information, and that we take great pride in our commitment to customer service. If there is ever an issue with an order, we do our best to make it right!

FHI best incense and best customer service

Be careful when ordering from other websites! Stick with FHI for the best incense!

Looking forward to 2015 and happy to say that we’re still the best herbal incense site around! Check back often for more news and to enjoy the best herbal incense online from Fine Herbal Incense!


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