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Herbal Incense for Sale 2015 | Stock as of March 2 Everybody, We’re Packin’ Heat Once Again!

Marley here to let you know that we have re-upped, we’re packin’ heat, and you know I’m not just blowing herbal smoke up your [email protected]~ WHOOPSIE [email protected]~

Haha, just kidding about that. But I’m not joking about our new stock on the way! In just a matter of hours we’re going to be sharing with you guys all of the new potent potpourri we got on deck and soon enough it’ll be posted up for purchase here on our website Fine Herbal Incense!

Fine Herbal Incense piles up the potent potpourri for purchase.

The long, LONG wait for our shipment of herbal aromas to arrive, and that means your long, LONG wait for herbal incense is over!

Phew! I think today we can all breathe a little easier now that we know we will actually have a March where we have some herbal incense for sale 2015!

We were on the edges of our seats for a while there while waiting for new products to finally arrive! Every time we saw how barren our store was getting, I know I couldn’t help but flinch every time I saw a particular spice run out. One thing is for sure, the song “How Low Can You Go?” has been stuck in my head for days! But the good news is all of that is done for, and we’ve got lots of new scentsational incense ready to buy once more at the Fine Herbal Incense online store.

I know how patient all of our fans have been while waiting for us to restock.

Especially glad I had the chance to talk with a few of you and had a good time answering questions.

Important to note is that we definitely understand now more than ever how rough it can be waiting for important packages to arrive! Thanks to all of our fans who were so understanding and chill about the wait, we are so proud that you guys are willing to wait until we update our inventory so you can come back and buy from a brand you trust!

And man, I know our inventory is going to have some seriously sick, show-stopping power this time around!

I’ll be posting up an entire list with links on our Facebook Page and will be sending out some tweets of our new products on our Twitter page so you guys who are being awesome and following our social pages will be the first to know about all of the bombdiggity brands we’re stocking the store with today.

Our shelves will start seeing some restocking action around 9am-10am PST, and I’ll update you all as soon as we’ve got the ball rolling!


Just want to say again thanks again to our Fine Herbal Incense Fans who are patient while we were getting every spice priced just right and entered into our system so they can get back on the shelves for you guys! I will type up a list for you guys when things become available!

If you have a special request for a popular potpourri you want to see on our site, then don’t hesitate to use the form on our Contact Us page to make a request for your favorite brand of herbal smoke! We would love to here what your ideas for an herbal incense for sale 2015 should be!


Hope you all have a super Fine morning!


PS –> Stay posted for the upcoming announcement about our next Herbal Incense Giveaway Challenge that is coming up!

~ (It is –almost- lame just how much fun I have making these games up for you guys haha!). ~

We will be announcing the details on our Facebook page where fans can participate in the challenge and compete to win a super-slick scented potpourri prize!

AND check this out: If you have an idea or suggestion of what the best herbal incense prize should be, head over to our Facebook Page, like us, and leave a comment on our page so we can offer it up as a potential prize!

Talk to you guys later today! ~ Marley.

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