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Bizarro Herbal Incense – Going Back in Time

Hey everybody! Marley here, just wanted to post again and thought this week it’d be fun to talk about where incense started. We all know how awesome brands like Bizarro Herbal Incense or Kush Herbal Incense are popular today, but what about way back in time when incense was first created? Here’s some fun info about incense in history, hope you like it 🙂

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Herbal Incense in History

Hundreds of years ago, in ancient times, our ancestors developed the first crude forms of incense. These people throughout time have used incense in its purest of forms. As centuries passed, we have seen incense evolve into many different forms, and used in countless roles and rituals. At first, we understood the concept of incense as the burning of herbs for the purpose of spirituality and worshiping of the gods. Later, when we discovered its significance as a powerful aromatic form, and its true potential for medicinal or therapeutic properties was realized.

Today, those who are familiar with the benefits of incense during aromatherapy or just those who use incense in their homes on a frequent basis realize the significance of herbal incense in their lives and are able to appreciate its true beauty. Let’s go back further and see how it all started though…

How It all Began

Back in the ancient days, Frankincense was considered to be much more valuable than gold or silver; more specifically, all aromatic herbs and oils were considered gifts from the gods. The term, Frankincense literally means “fit for a king”. The trade of this herb was very popular in marketplaces all over the globe, and was sought after in whatever places it could be found. It was especially desirable during the time when the Roman Empire was in power.

Smudging: A Sacred History

With the growth of herbal incense’s prosperity in trade among people, the actual use of incense began to take on a more religious value. The practice of “smudging” began in religious ceremony. Smudging means the burning of herbs and resins, like cedar, sage, or tobacco, to ward off evil and negativity in the atmosphere. The charred remains of these burnt herbs and spices could then be rubbed on the body, as an additional layer of protection against the evils of the spiritual world. Even today, many cultures and religions actively burn incense at religious ceremonies to promote a positive aura.

Herbal Incense in Modern Day

While the many uses of herbal incense has developed through centuries of practice, its effects and benefits have not varied. The benefits in fact have only become discovered as they reveal themselves during research and use. This is the reason why science has held hands with this ancient practice in an attempt to understand and to alleviate various ailments like insomnia, anxiety, stress, and more.

Present time, we have come to employ aromatherapy as the most popular practice for incense, which uses the stimulation of the olfactory nerves to prompt a positive response in our emotions and psychological setting. When we are bombarded with the stresses of life, traumatic experiences, or other psychological unbalances, the scent of incense burning can be one method for our mind, on a subconscious level, to be positively affected or persuaded to improve our mood altogether!

If you’re looking to understand the effect of incense on the mind and spirit, you’re at the right place! As the blog continues, from time to time I’ll be able to post more about different research I find and hopefully help people understand more clearly how incense can play a positive role in our lives. Luckily, if you’re already in the know, and love herbal incense as much as I do, then you’ve found the perfect place to buy it as well!

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