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Herbal Incense Online Update for Fine Herbal!

Popular incense supplier Fine Herbal Incense is excited to announce it’s upcoming ideas for promos for all of their fans and followers this December. Discounts and giveaways on popular Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense, iBlown Herbal Incense, and WTF by Mr. Nice Guy Incense are just the start for the owners of FHI.

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When was the last time you got blown?

The Fine Herbal Incense website launched a promotional coupon in May that awarded customers 50% off their entire order. Not only did customers enjoy half-off retail heaven, but they were allowed to use the coupon code again and again! The owners of FHI were definitely taking a punch financially, but couldn’t help being excited about the constant stream of new customers and the satisfied feedback they were receiving from their loyal repeat customers.

Brands were flying off the virtual shelves all month long, and for prices that would make competing herbal incense online retailers cringe.

Popular brands like Dead Man Incense, PURE Diamond Herbal Incense, and Mr. Nice Guy Incense were being offered at prices that were simply unheard of in the market. Some packages sold for as low as $4.99. When questioned about the losses the company was taking on the discount, Brian Dempson said, “We knew a promotion like that was going to hurt our profit, but we also knew that it’d be a short term sacrifice. Now we have a much larger number of happy customers, and look forward to them coming back to buy their favorite scents on our website.”

Many other online incense stores try to rope customers in by offering 2 for 1 deals and other discounts, but haven’t been known to offer an entire month of bare-bottom bargains. Other competing stores have also been known to take advantage of customers, by sending imitation products or not sending orders at all. Fine Herbal Incense is proud to be one of the first herbal incense online website companies to offer great savings along with a sparkling track record of excellent customer service and engagement, and hopes other herbal incense online stores follow suit. “We’re a pretty competitive bunch, and we’d love the chance to see the competition pull off what we have. Now that we have our loyal repeat business customer base, all of our competitors can try to sell their products for half off, and they might just end up with thinner checkbooks instead of boosted sales,” said Mr. Dempson when asked for his thoughts on the strategies of their competition.

The upcoming months is what seems to have the company bursting with excitement.

Hoping to keep the flow of incoming customers growing, management breathed new life into their social networking profiles by hiring Marley Sense, the company’s Social Media Director. Marley has had an incredibly full plate not only with the company’s social media, but running the online campaigns as a whole. Marley says that the favorite part of the job has been reaching out to customers. Their aim is to keep customers engaged, and doing so by asking questions through all the favorite social media channels seems to be working. Rather than fading from the customer’s mind or the public eye, FHI is digging in the social trenches.

Just one of the new traditions Fine Herbal Incense hopes to start is a monthly discussion with fans about their various uses for incense. Incense can be used for all sorts of things from aromatherapy, to home deodorizing and perfuming, even religious practices, and more. One such way the company keeps their connection to their customers so strong is through art. FHI’s idea of fan art submissions started with a couple of creations sent to them by one happy customer, and the idea to ask other fans for their herbal incense art was sparked. The newly appointed Social Director Marley explains, “Customers aren’t just big dollar signs that go about clicking ads, and shopping endlessly, especially on herbal incense online websites. Many are talented, interesting individuals who have some very creative ideas when it comes to herbal incense product art. We like seeing what they come up with, and we might just hold a contest for who can come up with the most interesting popular brand art. We aren’t quite sure on when the contest may be, but we are definitely formulating a plan for one in the future.”

With so much bad press surrounding herbal incense online today, one wonders how a website like handles being under constant scrutiny by the law and the public.

Mr. Dempson shared his thoughts on the subject, “We aren’t unaware of the bad press that surrounds the herbal incense online market in the media, and the potential for misuse of the products. We always stress that our products are not for human consumption, and should be burned only in a proper incense burner in a well ventilated room. We even have visitors to our website click a notice stating that they are over eighteen years of age, to try and deter younger kids who hear these crazy stories about herbal smoke and legal highs. We also can’t stand that our store could potentially be lumped in together with people that sell it under these guises. We sell legal incense to people who enjoy the benefits of herbal aromatherapy, or unique interesting scents with catchy names. It’s a tough market right now, but we hope to stand out as a company that continuously discourages the abuse of incense products.”

Only time will tell it seems where the industry is ultimately headed, but FHI is happy with business so far.

For now, Fine Herbal Incense carries on despite the challenges the market faces. It seems that the owners are enjoying the experiences they have with their customers, and look forward to the new possibilities that the coming Spring bring to them. One thing is for sure for FHI, their upcoming promotions will aim for making loyal FHI fanatics and fans happy, and hopefully bring in some new, excited fans as well.

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