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Have you seen this? Jar Mix Madness?!?

Jar Mix Madness

You know we are so happy for all of our awesome fans, we’re giving something back! Have you seen this wicked deal: Jar Mix Mania! You get 20 jars of some sick and powerful scents, TWENTY JARS for just $99.99! Some of the brands include Mad Monkey Herbal Incense, Vendetta Incense, and everybody’s favorite nutjob: Crazy Monkey Incense!

You know why FHI is the best, because we carry the best! And we treat our customers the best! So take us up on our offer today, because we won’t be giving it away forever!

Also get ready for the craziest sh&t you’ve ever seen coming up soon in our Newsletter! Much love,



Check out this too, written by an FHI Fanatic!

Fine Herbal Incense company specializes in offering the web’s best herbal potpourri selection, best prices, and excellent customer service, and they have just barely launched their online shopping website for their customers due to the high demand on herbal Incense.

Fine herbal Incense is allowing their customers the opportunity to purchase their herbal incense products from the comfort of their own home, by just going onto their website. Navigate through the store, check it out, and look at the product catalogs, and find something awesome. Customers can choose from a variety of potent blends and scents.

All their customers have to do after they purchase any products on the Fine Herbal Incense website is to wait for their order to safely arrive their home and enjoy the superb quality of their herbal potpourris. They even receive a tracking number to ensure their order is on its way.

Herbal Incense has become more popular than ever. It’s also one of the ways men and women from all walks of life can bond, chill out, and share their affinity for ‘relaxation’.

Fine herbal Incense works hard to provide low legal herbal incense prices and improve the satisfaction and experience of online shopping for their customers. This announcement highlights, not only the benefits to their customers, but also the extended influence that Fine Herbal Incense has on herbal potpourri distribution. Their customer service and engagement is in a league of it’s own.

“People know that if they want the best herbal without the high prices, Fine Herbal Incense website is the place to go. They have plenty of legal incense blends on their online catalogs. “The customer will never be disappointed and will always want to come back to FHI for their aromatherapy needs.”

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