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Official Rules for Free Incense Contests

Official Rules for Fine Herbal Incense Contests, Challenges, Giveaways, and Free Incense Awards

The rules listed herein shall apply to any and all future Contests, Challenges, Puzzles, Games, Freebies, Gifts, and any other competition related events (from here on referred to collectively as ‘Games”) that are hosted by Fine Herbal Incense (hereby referred to as “FHI”) either on, the FHI official Facebook Page, Twitter, or any other social media profiles and networks which FHI participates on either now or in the future.

These rules may be updated at any time, with or without notice, but never altered if a contest is currently underway without a selected winner (meaning we can’t change a rule in order to disqualify someone who has been a proven winner or if a game is still in play). Rules may also include from time to time at FHI’s sole discretion other rules which will be posted for everyone to see at the time of all Games announcement.




If you wish to participate in an announced Game to compete for free incense and other prizes awarded by FHI you must:

a) Participating in Games on Facebook: Be a fan of the FHI Facebook Page. FHI hosts Games most frequently on the official Facebook Page. To be able to post on the FHI Wall, you must “Like” the page and may participate from there. If you do not wish to be a fan after participating, you may “Unlike” the page at any time (though Marley may be devastated if you go).

b) Where are the Instructions: When determining the rules for Games, the rules and instructions for playing will be posted in an announcement along with the date of the upcoming Games and will be posted again when the actual Games start.

c) Announcement and Scheduling: Games are announced anywhere between 2 weeks before starting and no advance notice (i.e. Surprise Games). Depending on the type of Games, FHI may or may not wish to add an element of surprise for fans to allow for fairness of play, participation, and chance.

d) Choosing a Winner: Winners are most often the first to complete a challenge and post the evidence of their winning on the FHI wall for all to see. First come, first serve, that is the general consensus. Note the following: Sending answers in messages to Marley and/or the FHI Facebook page will not count as posting your answers and will not help you win! Everyone must be able to see who posted the answers first and when, to allow no room for guessing as to who the actual winner is. This is what FHI deems as most fair.

e) Multiple Winners: Sometimes Games may be set up that allow for the selection and awarding to more than one winner. In this situation, FHI will specify at the time of contest announcement how many winners will be chosen, and what the criteria are for selecting 1st, 2nd, 3rd place (etc) winners will be. In all other situations or situations where not stated, only one winner will be awarded.

f) Sportsmanship: Participants in the games are to behave decently towards one another, and towards the host of the competition. Should any bashing, verbal/written abuse, flaming, or general douchebaggery occur, the game can be canceled at the sole discretion of  FHI, and the user which committed said douchebaggery may be blocked from FHI’s social networks, and/or banned from any future competitions.

  1. Cheating: Since almost all games are designed for easy play, and created solely by a small department of FHI’s staff, it is unlikely any cheating could occur. However, should any Games in the future commence where cheating occurs and is discovered the person who does cheat will be banned from any future competitions held by Fine Herbal Incense. Consider your clever selves warned.





a) All awards will be announced at the same time as when the Game is announced or begins, at FHI’s discretion.

b) If deemed to be the winner of a competition, challenge, puzzle, or game, the winner will be notified and announced on FHI’s page. The winner will be contacted in a timely manner in order to set up a special prize code to claim the award for said Game to be used on the Fine Herbal Incense website.

c) Awards vary from game to game because awarding the same prize time and again is deemed to be boring to FHI’s Games department. Prizes may include but are not limited to:

  1. Discount codes ranging from 50% to 100% off for a specific bag/brand of incense. Amount, size, and brand to be selected at FHI’s sole discretion. Sometimes exceptions may occur where a request will be accommodated, at the sole discretion of the Games host. IMPORTANT TO NOTE in the case of a 100% off discount code, it will still be the responsibility of the selected winner to pay the standard $5.80 for shipping charges with the store’s official accepted payment method VISA. Our goal is to follow all laws, regulations, and this means we must comply with USPS and pay them to ship our products to you. If you cannot afford the $5.80, alert the FHI Facebook page by private message and your prize code expiration date will be reset so that you may have time to make arrangements.
  2. Points which will accrue up to certain cash-out amounts, which can then be traded in for certain incense brands. (Beta stage).
  3. Fine Herbal Incense Swag including (but not limited to): T-shirts, stickers, custom apparel and/or herbal accessories, and tattoos (yes, we mean the permanent kind).
  4. Misc Awards may in the future be added in the future, and FHI may from time to time ask Fans what they would like for a prize, and ideas for prizes. This will be conducted by Q&A, poll, survey, and private message at FHI’s discretion.




Theses rules may be altered in the future. If any changes are made, it will be noted and marked with the date herein.


Below is a picture of Herbs McSpice, the official rule bulldog. If you want your free incense, you’ll have to go through his rigorous challenges first!


Herbs McSpice Incense Rules and Regulations Officer


Last Updated March 5, 2015

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