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Faery Incense (3.5g)


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Have you ever wished that a fairy should come flying down from heaven and bid goodbye to all your problems? Well, if you have ever felt that way or if you re wishing for that right now, we have something that could fulfil all your wishes. We do not have a fairy in the literal sense, but an aromatic herbal incense that is named, ‘Faery incense’. This aromatic incense is one of the latest creations in the world of herbal incenses. It comes in BIG NUGGET form and let us warn you it is extremely potent.


Faery Incense is manufactured at the highest and stringent of composition standards. Each pack of incense is ensured to natural and high quality. A small quantity of Faery Up Incense may deliver the desired effects effectively and quickly. Give it a try today!



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