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RA Herbal Incense (12g)


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RA was one of the most renowned and famous Egyptian king of all times. RA’s mythical Egyptian legend was based on the prodigious powers of nature, especially the sun and the radiance.

Based on the legend of King RA, we proudly feature a uniquely pungent Incense that harnesses a nostalgic aroma of the ancient spiritual times. This scent depicts the aroma that was used to be inaugurated at the best of those primeval Egyptian rituals and commemorations including ceremonies, cremation, exorcism and mummification. Its scent posses a unique peculiarity of distracting the feelings of evilness while it’s aroma has the impulse that stimulates the spirits of goodwill and sacredness; it is magically and mythical believed to indulge in forging and establishing piety.

The RA Herbal Incense is derived by the extracts of some of the most aromatic oils harvested and composed from within a unique blend of shrubs and scents; this Incense is thus extensively potent and rich in crispness and a fusion of spiciness and sweetness.

RA Herbal Incense is available in pack of 12 grams. Get yours now!


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