Choosing the Right Incense Holder for Your Space

Essential Factors Choosing the Right Incense Holder for Your Space

Incense can produce a soothing aroma and is often used in meditation to reduce stress. It is also a popular addition to homes as it adds an aesthetic feel.

But choosing the right incense holder for your space can be a bit tricky. There are several factors to consider, including size, material, and design.


The size of an ideal incense holder depends on your aesthetic and the type of incense you’ll be burning. For example, if you’ll be burning thicker dipped incense sticks, you’ll need a burner with wider holes to accommodate them. Similarly, you’ll need a burner that can support coil incense or resin incense if you plan on using them.

The best incense burners are not only functional but also stylish. Look for one that matches your decor and fits in with the overall vibe of your space. A great option is the Wave Incense Burner, a handmade holder by Mellow NYC that supports local artists and artisans while adding a calming atmosphere to your home.

This incense holder features two holes for burning multiple sticks at once and includes a tray that collects falling ash. Its agate-inspired blue design is sure to elevate your mantle or coffee table display, and it’s available in other colors as well.


An ideal incense stick holder should be made from high-quality materials. It should be sturdy and have a sleek design that complements the interior of your home. Moreover, it should be safe to use with fire. This will ensure that you are using it properly and that the ash from your burning incense is not blown around the room.

Those who use cone incense should look for a burner that can accommodate their type of incense. One option is a bowl-shaped burner that has sand or natural ashes in the bottom. Another good choice is a coil burner that supports the coil in a bed of prongs as it burns.

Choosing a ceramic or clay holder is also an excellent option for those who want a more durable incense burner. Alternatively, you can choose a metal incense burner, but it is important to know that this can heat up quickly and can be dangerous for young children.


A good incense holder should be easy to clean, and it should have an attractive design. It should also be durable and safe to use. In addition, it should be large enough to hold a long incense stick or several smaller sticks at the same time.

For example, our ceramic box incense burner has a patterned lid to help maximize the flow of smoke. This type of incense holder is ideal for use at home or at the office.

You can also try a stone incense holder. These types of holders are usually made from materials like marble or granite and have a weighty feel. They can also come in a variety of unique shapes and designs.

If you prefer a more traditional look, you may want to consider using a classic tray-style incense holder. This style is perfect for those who enjoy a simple and minimalistic look, and it’s available in many different colors.


Whether you’re a beginner to the world of incense or a longtime practitioner, you’ll need an ideal incense holder to ensure that the sticks burn evenly and don’t create a fire hazard. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there. Some even come in an array of colors and designs, making them the perfect addition to your yoga studio or living room.

If you’re looking for a more traditional option, try this ceramic incense holder from Mellow NYC. It features a speckled blue finish and a simple bowl design to hold one incense stick. It also has a wooden trough base that collects falling ash. This holder works well with traditional sticks and coils, but it may crack when used with charcoal or resin. If you want to avoid this risk, try using it with a layer of salt or sand before adding the incense. This will keep the heat from contacting the clay and causing it to crack.