How to Use Incense

How to Use Incense

Use incense to purify your space, stimulate a meditative state or enhance relaxation. Many herbs and resins also have spiritual significance, with associations to the seasons, elements, astrological and healing properties.

Light the tip of a stick with a flame (such as a lighter) until it glows and emits smoke. Blow out the flame after several seconds.


Burning incense can help to create a clean, pleasant and calming atmosphere. It can also be used to clear negative energy, to help with sleep and for meditation. Many people like to light incense as they start their day, wind down at night and throughout the day. Fragrance is a much gentler timekeeper than your phone or clock and it can bring a sense of ritual to your daily routine.

To use a backflow burner, hold the tip of the incense cone with a pair of tweezers and carefully light it with a lighter or match for about 10-15 seconds. Once the tip glows, place it on top of the burner and ensure that the hole is pointing upwards.

The burner will then create a waterfall effect with its smoke and your favorite backflow incense aromas will be released into the air to fill your home with comforting fragrance. Remember, to avoid fire hazards, make sure your burner is a heat-proof one and that you only use it on a flat and stable surface.


Censers are a favorite incense holder around the world since they can handle all types of stick, cones or loose aromatic ingredients on charcoal. A censer with lid is also a great way to reduce the risk of fire in case it gets knocked over or ashes fall from it.

Many churches use censers, or thuribles, during important offices and during processions. The thurible is typically a metal container about the size of a coffee pot that contains burning coals and incense, which are swung back and forth on chains to spread the fragrant smoke.

Some Orthodox families use hand censers at family prayer on eves of feasts, Saturday evenings and the beginnings of lenten periods. The Biblical story of Korah and his congregation shows that incense is meant to be a prayer offering to the true God. The rising smoke is a beautiful symbol of our prayers to Him. The incense can also be used to help clear the mind and aid concentration.


With cones, it’s a simple matter of positioning the pointed end facing up, then using a lighter or match to fire the tip. Watch for the orange glow to appear, and then gently blow out the flame. The cone will then smolder, producing a gentle stream of fragrant smoke, for about 20 minutes.

Make sure the incense holder or burner you’re using is heatproof, and out of reach of curious pets and children. Then position the incense cone on the heatproof surface, and spread a layer of sand or other material on the bottom to help stabilize it. Once it’s burning, sit back and relax as the scent fills your room. Be careful, though – the cones do emit heat, and you don’t want to burn your furniture! When the cone has burned down to a thin, red ember, blow it out and allow it to cool. The scent will still be present, but not as strong.


Incense sticks are similar to incense cones but are more versatile and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fragrances. They are commonly used in spas, yoga studios and meditation spaces to create a soothing atmosphere for people to relax and unwind in.

A combination of aromatic ingredients and a combustible binding material go into the making of incense sticks. These are then shaped into their final form either by hand or machine.

Once lit, the tip of a stick should glow orange and emit a tendril of smoke. Gently blow out the flame and set the stick to smolder.

Keep burning incense away from drafty areas and on a heat-resistant surface to reduce fire hazards. Also be sure to place the holder on something to catch the ashes as they fall. Some popular scents to use while at work or studying include Lavender and Vetiver. These help improve focus and concentration. Other popular choices are Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood to help with insomnia.