In-Depth Review of the Top 5 Incense Stick Brands

Indepth Review Top 5 Incense Stick Brands

Incense sticks are great for filling the air with calming and relaxing scents. They can also enhance your meditation and yoga experiences. Certain ingredients and fragrances have been known to evoke specific responses and feelings.

Wild Berry incense sticks are available with a variety of different scents and ingredients, including lavender, which induces sleep, Dragon’s Blood for cleansing, or cinnamon, to help you concentrate and improve your focus. Their products are safe to use and long-lasting.


Nippon Kodo is a traditional Japanese incense company that creates high-quality, premium incense sticks. Their incenses are infused with rare, natural plant-based fragrances, and they come in a perfectly edited collection of beautiful scents to choose from.

Their legacy goes back over 400 years to Takai Juemon, a master incense maker who supplied the Emperor of Japan and his court. Today, they still follow his methods and values, with modern production to bring the best of Japanese incense to their customers worldwide.

One of our favourites from their range is Kayuragi, which features the traditional incense mix known as borneol (in the form of sandalwood) and herbal ingredients. When burned, this incense produces less smoke than other stick incense and the scent lingers for longer.

2. Song of India

A well-known Indian brand, Song of India offers various types of incense sticks that are known to produce a soothing and calming effect on the mind. They are made using natural materials, plants, and other spices. They also conduct 12 quality checks to ensure that their agarbatti/ incense sticks burn uniformly.

The Song of India plant (Dracaena reflexa) is a popular tropical houseplant that’s easy to grow and maintain. It can easily reach 3ft tall indoors over the course of several years, although it grows best as a large shrub or small tree.

In order to keep Song of India healthy and thriving, it needs plenty of light. But be sure to avoid direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves and cause dehydration. Aim for indirect sunlight, especially during the spring and summer.

3. Kougyudado

This brand is responsible for producing some of the best incense sticks. These products are made using natural ingredients that produce a very pleasant aroma. They also do not contain any chemicals or fake dyes. They use a variety of herbs and spices that have a soothing effect on the human body. This is one of the most popular incense brands.

The incense sticks from this brand are very affordable and are safe to use. They burn slowly and evenly, and do not create a lot of smoke. They are also a good choice for those who are sensitive to smells.

Kunmeido is a great incense brand that produces high-quality, natural, and safe products. Their products are formulated with the highest quality resins and aromatic woods, which make them very mild and clean.

4. Wildberry

Wild Berry is a brand with a lot of satisfied customers. Their fragrances are authentic, and they also make a variety of unique incense burners. For example, their black with glitter Shorties smell like chai tea while the tan and white traditional sticks have the scent of brown sugar oatmeal.

Many of their fragrances have been ranked as the best among others. For instance, Dragon’s Blood has a great aroma that makes people feel calm and happy.

Unlike other brands that generate a lot of smoke, Wild Berry’s options have low smoke content so you can enjoy the scent without having to deal with a lot of smoke in your home. They also have great designs and are long-lasting. They are also easy to use.

5. Incense Garden

Kougyudado is responsible for some of the best incense sticks on the market. Their Morning Star Sandalwood fragrance is made from floral essences and different types of wood to give it a genuine sandalwood scent. Customers have said that this incense takes them back to the ’70s when they used to keep sandalwood candles lit.

You can use this incense to create a calming atmosphere. The scents are infused with therapeutic essential oils and can help you relax or focus on your meditation. The scents will last up to an hour when burned.

You can also use the ash from this incense to fertilize your plants. The ash will add nutrients like calcium and potassium to the soil. It’s important to scatter only a little ash over the plants and mix it into compost so that your plants don’t absorb too much.