Incense in New Age Practices – A Comprehensive Guide

Incense in New Age Practices A Comprehensive Guide

For centuries, incense has been an important part of many cultures and spiritual practices. It smells wonderful, sets a calming mood, and produces beneficial aromatherapy effects.

But there is much more to this mystical smoke than meets the nose. Read on to learn more about its history, benefits, and safety.


The practice of burning incense is believed to purify and elevate the mood. It is also used to invite good spirits into one’s space and drive away bad ones. Moreover, the incense’s aromatic smoke is believed to cleanse the air and protect against diseases.

The use of incense as a form of prayer is believed to be ancient. It was a significant part of pagans’ sacrifices and honoring their emperor. Christians viewed this practice as a pagan ritual and did not include it in their worship.

However, the use of incense is still a major part of Hindu prayers and offerings to their gods. In addition, smudging is a Native American tradition that uses incense to clean spaces and welcome in positive energy. This is based on the superstitious belief that evil spirits are driven away by the fragrant smoke. It is important to note, however, that this is only an idea and not scientifically supported.


The scent of incense has been shown to help lower heart rates, which can lead to feelings of calmness and happiness. It can also increase blood circulation, which promotes mental clarity. In addition, the aroma from certain types of incense can be a natural aphrodisiac.

Incense is often used in Buddhist meditation practices and during prayer rituals. It can also be used to purify a space, especially during special ceremonies. In fact, incense is so important that it has even become part of the New Age movement.

The benefits of incense are numerous, but it is important to use it sparingly and carefully. If you’re planning on using it in your own practice, make sure to choose a high-quality product that doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances or chemicals. Also, always remember to open a window during and after burning incense. This will reduce the amount of smoke in your home and prevent irritants from entering your body.


Burning incense releases pleasant fragrances, helps set a calm mood, and is believed to offer spiritual benefits. These positive effects are heightened when it’s used in conjunction with other New Age practices such as yoga and meditation.

When choosing incense, it’s important to consider its safety. Certain types of incense are more toxic than others, which can negatively impact your health. Ideally, you should choose incense that is organic and made with natural ingredients that are safe to inhale.

When using an incense waterfall, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that you’re burning the incense in a well-ventilated room and that it’s away from anything flammable. The frequency of using incense also depends on your intention. For example, if you want to use it to create a calming environment or eliminate odors, you can light incense one to two times per week. However, if you’re using it for spiritual purposes, you may prefer to burn incense multiple times a day.

Where to Buy

Whether they want to create a spiritually cleansing environment or simply relax, New Age practitioners look to candles, incense and essential oils. They also practice spiritual meditation and religious practices drawn from the world’s major religions.

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