Incense Stick Reviews

Incense Stick Reviews

There are many benefits to using incense. They can be used to clear the air, create a sense of peace, and bring more clarity to your life. They are also perfect for meditation and can help you connect with your soul.

Burn lavender when you want to relax, romance during your date night and jasmine to uplift your emotions. These sticks are hand-dipped with a powerful scent that will soothe your mind, body and soul.


Juniperus is an evergreen shrub or tree (Family Cupressaceae) genus of more than 60 to 70 species distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Its members are used as ornamental plants and for timber. The berries and extract of some species are used medicinally.

In the Middle Ages, juniper was thought to repel the Devil and witches. It was hung over doors to protect people from evil spirits. During the Black Death epidemic in the 14th Century, ‘plague doctors’ wore masks with juniper on them to stop the spread of infection.

Common juniper (Juniperus communis) is a spreading shrub native to much of Europe, the UK and the Northern Hemisphere. It thrives on chalk lowland, moorland and rocky areas as well as old native-pine woodland. It has the widest geographical distribution of any woody plant worldwide and tolerates a variety of conditions. It has the ability to grow in both acid and alkaline soils. Juniper also provides dense cover for nesting birds such as goldcrest and firecrest.

Myrrh and Frankincense

A combination of frankincense and myrrh was one of the gifts presented to Jesus. These precious resins have powerful healing properties that have been used for centuries. Their therapeutic aromas calm the mind and promote relaxation. They also have antiseptic properties that can assist with wounds.

Woodsy oils like cedarwood, cypress, and juniper berry pair well with myrrh and frankincense, as they provide a grounding scent to the blend. Spicy oils such as ginger, black pepper, and cinnamon also complement these resins. These scents can be added to homemade body products or diffused in the home.

Citrus oils are also excellent companions to frankincense and myrrh. Orange, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils add a bright, zesty fragrance to the mix and create an uplifting mood. This oil combination is ideal for meditation and prayer. It also soothes stress and tension, reduces symptoms of PMS or menopause, eases coughs, inflammation, and infections, and stimulates skin growth and repair.


This refreshing incense is a great stress-relief scent. It can also help you relax and focus during meditation. While you may not get the same results as a sage or lavender incense, it is a good option for those who don’t have access to those products.

These incense sticks are made from natural oils and herbs. They are hand-rolled by village artisans. They are charcoal-free and contain no chemicals. They are dipped in essential oils and have a lemon-like fragrance. The incense sticks also work as a natural room freshener.

Using these incense sticks can help you improve your finances, health, and relationships. They have been used by ancient gurus for years and can help you attract what you want in life. This is especially true if you use the right combination of fragrances. The company sells five different varieties, each with its own benefits. You can purchase a set of five for $107 or less online.


Known in Ayurvedic medicine for its spiritually inspiring aroma and remedial properties, Vetiver is an essential oil distilled from the roots of the vetiver plant (Vetiveria zizanioides). It’s believed to help ease anxiety, promote sleep, and improve alertness.

It’s also a natural insect repellent, and it may be more effective than some commercial products for protecting against tick bites that could lead to Lyme disease. It’s also a great ingredient for hair care and skin care, where it has been reported to soothe dry, irritated skin, reduce scarring, and balance the production of melanin, which helps the skin maintain its color.

Moreover, it’s also been used in meditation because of its ability to calm the mind and encourage focus. It can even be used in massage sessions to create a pure and calming environment.