Ingredients in Incense

Ingredients in Incense

Ingredients in Incense have long been cherished for their mood-altering and spirit-boosting properties. While commercially made incense sticks may contain synthetics, all-natural cones can be made at home using a few simple recipes.

Loose incense can be heated and enjoyed as is, or kneaded into pellets, trails, sticks, molds, or cones. Some recipes use labdanum or other pliable resins to make pellets known as neriko.

Essential Oils

From religious ceremonies to aromatherapy, incense is used throughout the world for a variety of purposes. Natural incense can be a simple and affordable option for your home. It can be made quickly and easily by coating unscented incense stick blanks with essential oil blends. You will also need a small amount of dipropylene glycol (DPG) to prevent your incense from giving off black smoke when burned.

Frankincense essential oil has antiseptic, expectorant and astringent properties that help to fight respiratory apparatus infections. It has a woody balsamic aroma with a deep floral aspect and is used to encourage focus and concentration.

When preparing dipped incense sticks with essential oils, it is a good idea to test your recipe on a single stick. This will help you to determine whether or not the scent is suitable for your incense and will give you a chance to make any necessary adjustments to your recipe.

Natural Resins

Resin incense is made from refined tree and plant resins such as frankincense, myrrh and copal. This type of incense was used for centuries in spiritual and religious ceremonies. Resin incense is more potent than incense sticks, but burns longer and offers a deep fragrance that many find meditative.

Frankincense, or Olibanum, is an aromatic resin harvested from trees in the Boswellia genus. This resin is known to offer protection and purification while promoting heightened spiritual awareness.

Myrrh is an ancient resin that was one of the gifts presented to Jesus. This resin is known for its healing properties and as an effective antidepressant. This blend includes these sacred resins along with sandalwood and gum benzoin to create an incense that is both natural and soothing.

Natural Woods

Natural Woods incense uses a mixture of various natural woods to create a deep and earthy aroma. It invokes a sense of peace and serenity through its soothing fragrance.

Agarwood or aloeswood (also known as agar, gaharu or oud) is a dark fragrant resinous wood from the aquilaria or eaglewood tree, which grows in parts of Asia and Africa. The tree becomes infected by a mold which causes it to secrete the aromatic resin, as a defense mechanism.

This incense is formulated with a blend of all natural oils and resins. It’s the perfect blend for those who enjoy connecting with nature and invoking a feeling of tranquility through meditation. Its calming and herbal scent is also great for stress relief. The all-natural formula doesn’t use any harmful solvents, making it safer for indoor burning.

Natural Spices

There are many reasons why people like incense, including purifying the air, reducing stress and elevating mood. Its soft fragrance can help to carry us off to sleep at night, promoting relaxation and mindfulness.

Many natural varieties emit fungicidal and insecticidal properties that improve the quality of air we breathe, which is particularly beneficial for those suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions. They are also renowned for elevating spiritual awareness and encouraging creative thinking.

Creating natural incense starts by gathering raw materials from nature. Barks, resins, flowers, nuts and spices are all good choices for the base of your incense. For the binding, makko is a natural option that is non-toxic when burned. It also adds its own aroma that does not clash with or suffocate the scents of your other ingredients.

Natural Hydrosols

Hydrosols are the water soluble parts of the plant, which are extracted during the distillation process that produces essential oils. They are much more pure than essential oil, and they can be used undiluted on the skin without the need to dilute them with other oils.

Organic frankincense hydrosol has an earthy, warm scent similar to both the resin tears and essential oil. It is known for reducing mental pressure, and helping the mind relax and focus. It can also improve blood circulation in the body and relieve joint pain, menstrual cramps and other inflammation.

It is also a very effective natural anti-aging ingredient for the skin and is often used in making cosmetic products like soaps, handwashes, cleansers etc. It has calming effects and helps reduce rashes, abrasions, scars and fine lines on the skin.