Key Considerations For Safe and Effective Resin Incense Burning

Safe and Effective Resin Incense Burning Key Considerations

While resins do smell wonderful, they can be difficult to burn. This is because they require a heat-safe container like a censer or special metal urn to hold the charcoal and the resin.

This allows for a better burn and reduces the amount of smoke. This can be important for those with respiratory issues. Studies have shown that the pollutants in incense smoke are detrimental to health.

1. Choose the Best Burner

Resin incense has a more mystical vibe than stick incense. Resin incense is often used for energetic cleansing, bringing calm to the mind and body, and for spiritual healing.

Unlike sticks of incense which have multiple ingredients, resin incense comes straight from particular trees. That’s why burning resin incense is a bit more involved than simply lighting up a stick from a burner.

One of the best ways to burn resin incense is to use an electric incense burner. This burner has a temperature control that lets you set the heat to low, medium, or high, as well as a timer that shuts off after 1-5 hours.

Fill the burner with a little salt or sand to help absorb the heat, then place a charcoal disk inside. Light the charcoal with a lighter or matches and let it spark and heat up for about 15 minutes before putting your resin incense on top. The resin will burn slowly, emitting a calming scent that won’t be mixed with the odor of the burning charcoal.

2. Keep the Burner Clean

A resin burner is essential for burning resin incense. These burners are heat safe and often have a design that makes them decorative in addition to being functional. They are usually filled with sand, ash or salt to absorb the charcoal’s heat and help it burn efficiently. They also have tongs to handle the hot coal, as it is very easy to cause injury by touching a lit charcoal with your fingers.

For best results, use a brass resin burner. It produces less smoke and has a stronger fragrance than the oil method. It can be used with any type of resin but is particularly suited to firmer ones like Myrrh and Frankincense. Using it is simple; just add the resin on top of the charcoal and watch it start to melt and release its wonderful aromas. It is important to add just a small amount of resin at a time. Too much will result in too thick of a smoke, which can be difficult to blow through a pipe.

3. Keep the Burner Away from Children

A resin incense burner should be kept away from children and pets, as it will become very hot. It should also not be used near flammable items like curtains or other materials. This will prevent a fire or an accidental spill.

Resin incense sticks are a great way to enjoy the scents of your favorite resin without having to purchase a censer or deal with charcoal. These are available in a variety of different resins, including stimulating and uplifting frankincense, grounding and calming copal, and healing dragon’s blood.

To make your own homemade resin incense sticks, simply pierce four toothpicks into the bottom of an empty tin can. Place a piece of your favorite resin incense on top of each pick. As the resin burns, the smoke will carry the scent into your space. This is a very easy and affordable way to get started with resin incense burning. You can even try mixing different resins to see how they react in unison.

4. Keep the Burner Away from Pets

Resins are natural products that come directly from trees and plants. They are usually burned using charcoal to fill a room with their aroma, but they can also be burnt like stick incense.

While this method has a few advantages, it is not recommended for people with respiratory problems. It can cause a lot of smoke and can make it difficult to breathe. It is also recommended that you use a heat safe burner and handle the charcoal with tongs or fireproof gloves.

For a safer and more convenient alternative, try resin sticks. These are similar to regular stick incense but they are made with raw ingredients instead of a mixture of chemicals and wax. These types of incense are perfect for those who want to experience the magic of resins without having to get a special incense burner or deal with charcoal. Try them for inspiring and motivating Frankincense, calming and grounding Benzoin, or uplifting and revitalizing Dragon’s Blood.