A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Incense Cones

Unlike stick incense, which burns directly from the wick, cones must be placed in a specially designed incense burner or stand. The incense holder must be made from fire-proof materials and large enough to hold the cone.

A burning cone should be kept away from drafty areas like open windows. It’s also important to keep it out of reach of children and pets.


Authentic incense cones are made from herbs, resins and other plant-derived ingredients that have been used for centuries for their healing, spiritual and aromatic properties. Look for natural ingredients that emit less smoke and are healthier for your lungs.

The most important factor when choosing an incense cone is the quality of the ingredients. Make sure that the herbs have not been dried out or lost their potency.

Cone incense burns much more quickly than stick shaped incense because it is pressed into a tight, compact shape. The dense area of fragrant material also means it doesn’t last as long as a traditional incense stick. Once the cone is lit, gently extinguish it by blowing or fanning, and place it in a holder that is made of heat-resistant materials.

Design and Style

Incense cones can be burned in a variety of different containers, including burners that are specifically designed for them. This cute voodoo mushroom-shaped cone burner is an excellent choice for those who want to add a Halloween or themed touch to their home décor.

Another option is this ceramic incense cone holder, which comes with 10 incense cones. It is shaped like a backflow lotus flower, with a closed bud and flowing petals framed by leaves and a pool of smoke.

For those who prefer a more sophisticated look, this incense cone burner is made in a gold-look brass, and looks like it may have come from an ancient temple. It features a dragon theme, as the lid and bowl base are decorated with brass and enamel dragons.


Whether you want to create a serene space for meditation or an invigorating mood for yoga, the scent of incense can have a significant impact on your experience. Choose an incense that uses natural ingredients without any artificial fragrances or cutting agents. Look for a brand that has been trusted by incense purists.

Cone incense is usually made using a combination of powder and fragrance materials. To ensure that the resulting mixture is properly shaped, try pressing it into a piping tip (such as one you might use to pipe frosting) before shaping it into an incense cone.


A backflow incense cone is made with both a scent and a combustible material. The scented material is ground up into powder and then mixed with water until it forms a malleable putty that can be formed into a cone.

If you’re looking for incense cones that can help you feel calm and relaxed, try one with a blend of cedarwood oil for confidence or bergamot for an energy boost. They’re also a great choice for meditation.

It’s important to make sure the incense cone is properly shaped before burning it. This will ensure that it’s safe to burn and doesn’t fall over while it’s burning. The best way to do this is by using a small piping tip (like the kind you would use for frosting). Make sure that the tip is positioned in the middle of the cone, and then press it down against a dish of sand or other fire-safe surface to shape it.


The placement of your incense cones is important because it can affect how well they perform. Incense should be placed on a heat-resistant surface, such as an incense burner or a dish. A layer of sand or uncooked rice can help keep the incense cone from burning too quickly.

Place the cone on a burner and light it with a lighter or matches. Once it begins to glow, let the flame burn for about five to ten seconds. If you’re using a backflow incense cone for a waterfall effect, be sure that the tip of the cone is facing up. Then, sit back and enjoy the fragrance. It’s recommended that you burn an incense cone about once every hour or so to maintain a constant level of fragrance in your space.