Resin Incense Reviews

Resin Incense Reviews

Resin incense has a powerful aroma that can empower your spirit and rejuvenate your soul. It can help revive drooping spiritual strength and encourage you to look at your life with new perspective.

It can be burned on charcoal in special burners or in a censer that is heat safe. It can also be burnt using a candle and a pair of tongs.

1. Kama Deva

Kama Deva (also spelled Kamdev) is the god of love, lust, and desire. He is often depicted as a handsome young man holding a bow with five floral arrows—Harshana, Rochana, Mohana, Shoshana and Marana—each with their own special powers. He flies around the universe shooting these arrows of love, a practice which is perhaps symbolic of falling in and out of love.

According to Rig Veda, Kama is the first thing to emerge from the nothingness of space and carries with him the promise of life. He is a symbol of love, attraction and desire, and can be invoked to help us feel more romantic and sexually attracted to our partners. He is also associated with spiritual passion and is represented by his partner, Rati. He was brought back to life by Shiva at the request of his loving wife, Parvati.

2. Pure Myrrh and White Copal

Pure white copal is hand rolled with Myrrh resin to make this incense. It burns for a long time and produces a soft smoke that is very cleansing. This incense has been a staple in Mayan rituals and is used to purify spiritual spaces. It also contains the resin of a tree in the Buresa family, which was revered for its ability to repel mosquitoes and insects.

This incense is great for meditating, spiritual and healing work. It helps to open the crown chakra and deepens connection with spirit. It is also a powerful incense for releasing blocked emotions, calming the mind and relieving anxiety.

Similar to frankincense, copal resin is believed to activate certain ion channels in the brain and help alleviate anxiety and stress. This meditative and relaxing incense is made with the most high-quality ingredients for a great experience. It’s a great addition to your meditation practice or to any ritual. Like all Yatra Natural Incense, this product is organically sourced.

3. Intention

Intention is a pure, hand-dipped and California sun-dried incense blend. The scent is a balanced mixture of orange, mahogany and wood with a touch of oakmoss and amber. It can be burned in a sacred space to calm the mind, bring tranquility and balance vitality. It can also be used to cleanse energy debris and energise a home or workplace.

Plant resins, such as frankincense, copal and myrrh, have been burning in churches and temples for millennia to purify spaces and heighten spiritual perceptions. They are a staple in the shamanic tradition to heal from within by interacting with other realms and reaching altered states of consciousness.

Resin incense requires a bit more equipment than sticks, coils and cones but can be very rewarding when done properly. You will need a heat-proof dish, such as a brass urn or ethnic censer, charcoal disks (available at Prabhuji’s Gifts) that can be ignited with tongs and the resin itself.

4. Pure Rose

Pure Rose is one of the most popular types of incense sticks. It’s known to be a great stress reliever, aiding in sleep and strengthening the immune system. It’s also said to help rebalance emotions, making it a good choice for those dealing with mood disorders.

The emperor of flowers and scents, the aroma of rose is calming, refreshing and soothing. It also helps in improving concentration and is great for bringing clarity to the mind. It’s said to improve self esteem, and increase feelings of love, compassion and devotion.

Made with natural rose bud flowers called Damask, this incense from Parimal has a deep and sensual fragrance that will fill your space with sweet floral scents. It’s a part of their Absolute range which means it doesn’t contain many base ingredients, allowing the headline fragrance to really stand out. You can expect this incense to last for about 45 minutes after you light it.