Incense Accessories

Incense Accessories

Restore the chakra balance and bring relaxation to your personal space with a restorative aromatherapy incense burner. This burner is unique because it holds your incense stick or backflow cone and provides a soothing waterfall experience simultaneously.

Biziou recommends experimenting with scents like rose and jasmine to evoke a sense of euphoria during meditation. Also, scents like cedar and vetiver are grounding and help reduce anxiety.

Ash Catchers

Ash catchers are a simple and ingenious attachment that significantly elevates your smoking experience by improving filtration, increasing airflow, and making cleaning much easier. They can be added to almost any water pipe and are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and perc styles.

A bong that is full of burnt debris can not only look disgusting, but also has a stale and rancid taste and smell. Additionally, if the debris and ash are not cleaned properly, it can cause bacteria and toxins to build up, leading to adverse health effects. This is why ash catchers are such an essential accessory for many smokers!

Ash Catchers fit right into the spot where the bowl normally goes and provide a separate chamber for debris. This prevents the ash and resin from being drawn into the water pipe, ensuring it stays clean for each and every hit. Many ash catchers also feature a perc to provide an extra level of diffusion before inhalation, further cooling down and smoothing out the smoke and vapor.

Before purchasing an ash catcher, be sure to take measurements of the female joint (where the bowl normally sits) on your water pipe and check that the ash catcher you plan to buy will connect properly. Most ash catcher joints are either 14mm or 18mm, and they can be set at an upwards angle or a 45-degree angle. You will also want to consider how much space you’re willing to add to your bong as most ash catchers can be quite bulky. If you’re unsure, most online head shops will be able to offer assistance in choosing the best ash catcher for your specific needs. They will also help you decide which type of filtration and diffusion is the most suitable for your smoking preferences and habits. This will ultimately determine whether you choose a more basic or complex ash catcher for your water pipe.