Incense Burners

Incense Burners

A decorated metal vessel that holds charcoal tablets or resins. Some people like to add about two inches of sand or ash at the bottom for insulation.

A holder with which special incense cones are used to produce a waterfall effect when they burn. It’s a cool look that’s accomplished by a simple natural phenomenon and some special cones!

Bowl Burners

Bowl burners come in many sizes and shapes. They have shallow groves to place stick incense into while burning. They can also hold trailing or charcoals, or even coil or wand incense.

A stone or brass bowl with a screen top makes a great combination burner. The screen can be inverted to hold sage and smudge sticks or spaghetti stick and cylinder incense. These burners can also be used with charcoal tablets to burn resins, and they work well for coil incense too when placed on a bed of sand or natural ash.

Incense stoves gently heat single woods like agarwood or sandalwood to release their aromas without producing smoke. They’re candle- or electric-based and are available in various materials, designs and colors. They also work for some loose mixtures and resins.

Cone Burners

Backflow incense burners work by using a scientific process called convection. When an incense cone is lit, the smoke rises because hot air is less dense than cool air. But when the smoke passes through a hollow section of the incense cone, it begins to cool and sink because there’s no heat in that area.

The cool air and smoke combine to create a waterfall effect that’s mesmerizing to watch. It’s also a great way to scent your home without having to burn traditional incense sticks.

To use a backflow incense burner, simply light the tip of an incense cone and place it in the device. Let it burn for about 30 minutes or until the cone is completely empty of ash. Always be sure to keep the ashes and burner away from drapes, books, and other flammable items.

Abalone Shell Burners

Abalone shells are a preferred choice for smudging rituals because they not only serve as a practical ash catcher but also symbolize the ocean and its energies of love, life and flow. By including an abalone shell in your smudging ritual you’re balancing all four elements of earth- water, earth, fire and air for a more complete spiritual experience.

These beautiful mother-of-pearl shells are highly spiritual and a gift from Mother Nature herself. They are a symbol of water and encourage you to be at ease, letting go of negative emotions and follow your natural flow of energy. Their iridescent colors and markings help to boost feelings of peace, beauty and compassion. Each shell is unique and will have its own iridescent coloring and patterns that vary in size, shape and markings.

Brass Burners

Brass burners are a newer addition to the fire pit world, but they’re quickly becoming one of our favorites. They look more premium and offer a more modern twist to traditional aluminum burners. The brass material conducts heat much more efficiently and evenly than aluminum. It also has superior heat retention, and is more resistant to stains and grime.

Designed and forged in Lake Tahoe, ZLINE’s brass burners add an unmatched touch of luxury to your culinary experience. These durable range burners will not wear, warp or rust like stainless steel burners do, and the brass material is naturally corrosion, stain and grime-resistant. The brass will develop a deep patina over time, but this is an expected oxidation process and not covered by the warranty.